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10 Best Zip Line Locations in the World

Ever thought of hanging on a zipline and transporting yourself from one end to the other? Well,
if that’s what you want, voila! This article will discuss the zip lines mounted in various parts of
the world. Those who haven’t heard of zip lines are suspended pulley on a cable wire,
underpinned on an incline or a slope. It has several names attached to it like death slide,
tyrolean crossing, aerial runway, etc. The zip line aims to travel from the top to the bottom of an
inclined cable, driven by gravity.

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The cable wire may be short in size and low in height, customized for kids, and can even be on
playgrounds. Usually, you will find longer and significantly higher ropeways to access remote
areas in the hills, for instance, rainforest canopies. There was a time these zip lines were
essential to localities living in the mountains to cross terrains where building roads or bridges
were not possible. People used rope slides to cross rivers, but these days, it is catching up fast
as one of the adventure-packed activities. Some resorts organize adventure camps and even
offer ropes courses to attract tourists, adding fun and challenging elements to their tour.

Given the popularity of zipline tours, we bring you a couple of top recommendations to get your
adrenaline pumping.

 Zip 2000: Sun City, South Africa

Zip 2000 is the world’s fastest and the longest zip line with an average speed of 75 mph and
speed up to a maximum of 100 mph. The highest recorded speed so far has been 115 mph. A
two-hour drive from Johannesburg, this zip line has been operational since 2004 inside the
famous Sun City compound. The zip line is open to children starting the age of 12, unlike other
adventurous activities. The ride is both solo and tandem and apt even for the most amateur

Hoonah Icy Strait Point: Alaska United States

Icy Strait Point is ran by the native people of Tlingit village, Hoonah, in Alaska. Claiming to be
the world’s largest zip line having six 5,330′ cable lines declining to straight 1330′. Icy Strait
Point lets you soar over the lush green rainforest, situated 300 feet above it at a speed above
60 miles per hour. It’s a group or excellent family activity as six people can descend at a time.
So, if you’re craving to fly in the air and want to pass through the scenic drive, this zip line is
your calling.

 Pena Aventura Park: Portugal

Pena Aventura is a recreational park and offers a never-ending adrenaline rush, including a zip
line that connects Lamelas and Bustelo running with a considerably high speed of 80 mph.
Located in the region of Porto and North of Portugal, this park is an outstanding adventure

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

Feel free and fly like a bird with this monster 1.5-mile-long zip line located in an ecological
adventure park hiding in the mighty mountains of the center of the Toro Verde island, attached with a special harness hooked up around your chest and waist. This place became famous with the
celebrity James Fallon filming for the Tonight Show, flying at 95 mph.

 Finca Mi Universo: Zipline, Columbia

Located in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island, Finca Mi Universo, this cable wire
is considered the longest zip in this belt. Once remotely known, the place got its fame from the
Lord Of The Rings movies and became one of the most favored travel destinations.

The Kapohokine: Hawaii, United States

A zip line offering views of Umauma falls and 160′ soaring over 14 falls, Kapohokine should be
on your bucket list. So, suit up your rainforest jackets, shoes, and GoPro cameras. At the same
time, you visit this incredible island and fly freely through the skies, witnessing some of the
astonishing scenic views: a real treat to all your senses.

The Heavenly Flyer: Tahoe, U. S.

This half-mile-long zip ride at Tahoe, California’s resort named Heavenly Ski, takes you about
50 mph, a 525 ft vertical drop in 80 seconds.

The Zip Zone: Bukidnon, Philippines

Zip Zone is Asia’s first tandem free fall longest dual zipline mounted at about a

half-mile height. There are various drop zones you can choose from as per your budget. The rope
zone is in the mountains of Manolo Fortich, with a cold climate adding to its beauty. The zipline
is accessible either by bus or a shuttle that runs from CDO to Dahliyan.

The Dragon’s Breath: Labadee, Haiti

The Dragon’s Breath is the longest zip line in the Caribbean, some 2,600 ft. Long above the
sea. This breathtaking cable wire takes you over the magnificent view of the white sand
beaches and blue sea of Labadee. The 500-feet high platform above the beach brings you
down at a speed of 40-50 mph.

Monteverde Zipline, Costa Rica

You’ll miss a beat when you experience this aerial runway called the Superman zipline above
Costa Rica’s Monteverde cloud forest. It’s a two-and-a-half-hour-long thrilling activity included in
the canopy tours to the Cloud Forest. The clouds here stay low, giving it a mystic and spooky
look. It is at the height of 4,724 feet in the mountains, home to 2,500 species of plants, 500
species of animals, and many other attractions that you will experience during your canopy
adventure. Get soaked in the lush green beauty of this forest with 3,380 feet of zip line fun.


When you plan your next adventure, keep in mind all that the area has to offer. Nothing is more
breathtaking than seeing the views from above the tree line. Make sure to schedule a zip line
adventure on your next trip! mile-long