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10 Things To Do With Your Dog This Weekend

Wow! You are finally off for the whole weekend. It’s time to relax and have some fun with your dog! But you are unsure what to do? Don’t worry. This article will give you some ideas on how to have a fun weekend with your dog. If you’re looking for ways to spend more quality time with your pup, then this list is perfect for you!

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Take A Hike!

Dogs love to explore, sniff new smells and run around in wide-open spaces. Take them with you on your next hike or walk through the park. Going for long walks every day is an excellent exercise for both of you – it will help keep your dog fit while also giving him (or her) some much-needed mental stimulation.

Being outside gives your dog so many positive experiences that being cooped up inside doesn’t offer! Plus, dogs are natural pack animals who thrive when they have their family by their side! Even if you live somewhere busy, like an apartment building where there isn’t always access to green space, try taking short trips to nearby parks at least once a week. Your pup will thank you later!

Dog-Friendly Restaurants!

Who says you can’t go out to eat together? Many restaurants welcome dogs – even if they’re not on the menu. Find a dog-friendly restaurant in your area and enjoy some great food with Fido at your side. If this is new for either of you, take it slow by starting with outdoor seating or staying close to home until both of you get more comfortable being around other people. But soon enough, walking into that restaurant will be old news!

Puppy Playdates!

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, make sure you spend some time socializing your puppy by taking him (or her) to the dog park or arranging a playdate with other dogs in your neighborhood. This way, they can practice their new skills while also exercising those cute little legs! Meeting up with other doggies is excellent for both of them, as puppies need to learn to be kind and friendly towards others from an early age. We must help our pups grow into well-adjusted adult dogs who not only get along with humans but other animals too! Plus, meeting up regularly will help build lasting relationships between you and neighboring pet owners – so why not turn it into a regular date?

Teach Your Dog A New Trick!

Dogs love to learn new things, and your dog needs mental stimulation too! So why not teach him (or her) a fun trick you can show off at home or around other people? It’s also great because it gives them something interesting to do when they’re bored. And that way, if there is ever an emergency in which he has trouble finding you – like when playing hide-and-seek, for example! – then, he’ll know exactly what to do instead of running away from danger.

Rummage Through Your Closet!

Your pup might look adorable wearing your old clothes, but she probably doesn’t appreciate how itchy they are on her delicate skin. Why not spend some time rummaging through your closet together and picking out some new outfits for her? There is plenty of fun and comfortable dog clothing options out there that will make both of you happy! And with so many different styles, why not pick up a few different pieces now and then to keep things interesting.

Dog-Friendly Spas!

Who says pups can’t enjoy the finer things in life too? Some daycares offer doggie spas – they’ll give your pup a special treatment while also giving them the chance to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment. They might be more expensive than visiting standard groomers, but it’s worth looking into if your pup needs special care when they’re left alone at home all day or night (don’t worry, this is easy to find with a Google search).


If you love going out and listening to music together, why not give it go at home too? Whether they’re big fans of rock or hip-hop – there’s nothing your dog loves more than dancing along. And don’t worry if she doesn’t know the right moves yet – after all, this is meant for pure entertainment so just let her do whatever comes naturally. Plus, since dogs are natural animals who enjoy bonding through physical touch (like licking each other), she’ll feel entirely comfortable when snuggling up close to you. Soon enough, walking into that restaurant will be old news! 

Go To A Dog Park!

Or if you love the great outdoors, then why not go to a dog park instead? It’s free, fun, and even better when they’re in your local area. Plus, since most people are busy working during the day, it might be one of the only chances you get to see lots of other peoples’ pups at once! Just make sure that you always carry some poop bags with you because no one likes finding doggy-doo on their shoes… especially when there is so much sand around – gross!!!

Finally… Just Relax!!!

Don’t forget that this weekend isn’t just about your dog – it should be something that helps both of you unwind too! So take some time out between playing, walks, and puppy daycares to read a book or watch TV together on the couch. And don’t feel guilty if there are times when she sleeps, and you do too! All work and no play make Jack a dull boy (or girl).


These are just some of the things that you can do with your dog this weekend!  There is no such thing as a bad time when it comes to spending quality time with your best friend. If you’re looking for more ideas, then just spend some time on Google searching or check out your local pet store to see what they have in store.