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10 Uses For A Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are a great tool to have on hand, and the list of what you can do with them is endless. They’re lightweight and easy to store, so they’re perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to break their back trying to move heavy items around. This post consists of ten creative uses for ratchet straps that will give you some ideas about how useful this equipment can be!

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Move Furniture

Ratchet straps can help you move furniture quickly and easily. Wrap the strap around the piece of furniture, then use the ratchet to tighten it so that it’s secure. This will keep your furniture from slipping and sliding as you try to move it. The loops at either end of the ratchet strap allow for quick tightening so that there’s no need for heavy equipment during moving day.

Secure Cargo

If you’re transporting cargo in your vehicle, ratchet straps can help secure it in place. Wrap the strap around the item and use the ratchet to tighten it, so it doesn’t move. This is a great way to keep your items from shifting during transport, which could cause damage or even an accident.

Secure Awnings & Tarps

If you have an awning or tarp that’s loose, ratchet straps are just what you need to secure it in place. Simply attach one end of the strap around something sturdy, then pull until your tarp is held securely against whatever surface you want. The loops at either end of the strap allow you to hook them around items like patio furniture, while the ratcheting mechanism keeps everything firmly in place. If necessary, use multiple ratchet straps to achieve the desired effect during windy weather so that they don’t fly away or damage other parts of your property.

Hold Down Plants Or Wildlife Feeders

If you have plants or wildlife feeders outside, consider strapping them down with ratchet straps for added security against wind and wild animals. This will ensure your plants stay firmly rooted and prevent animals from eating before their scheduled feeding time! The loops at either end of the strap allow for an easy attachment around trees or posts that are sturdy enough not to move. You’ll never have to worry about coming back home to see that something has tipped over again!

Secure Items In Storage

A set of ratchet straps makes securing items in storage simple. Simply wrap the item with the strap, then tighten until everything is held securely against whatever surface you want – this could be anything from other boxes to shelving units if necessary. If you’ve got multiple items inside a larger box, so they don’t shift while being transported.

Secure Items In The Bed Of Your Truck

If you have items that need securing in the bed of your truck, a set of ratchet straps is exactly what you need! Simply wrap them around whatever needs holding down, then tighten until it’s secure – this could be anything from heavy tools and equipment to camping gear or even firewood for a bonfire at night. If necessary, use multiple ratchet straps to avoid slipping larger objects during transport. Attach one end tightly around something sturdy on the inside of your vehicle (such as a wall hook), then pull until things are firmly held together before moving forward.

Secure Ladders

Ladders are another item that can be challenging to move around safely. Ratchet straps make it simple – just wrap them around each side of the ladder, then tighten as needed to keep it in place. If you’re using the ladder at home to access crevices, windowsills, or gutters that are difficult to reach without assistance, use a ratchet strap on either side of it, so they don’t shift while you work.

Make A Tire Carrier For Your Truck

If your truck doesn’t have an attached carrier for holding spare tires, this can be inconvenient when traveling long distances. Attach one end of a set of ratchet straps around the tire and the other around something sturdy in your vehicle (such as another part of your bumper), then tighten until everything is secure before moving forward. This also allows you to transport two additional tires if necessary easily!

Hold Down Lawn Furniture

If you don’t want your lawn furniture blowing away during a storm, ratchet straps can help hold them down securely against the ground. Ideally, this should only be done when there’s no chance of lightning or bad weather – but for those occasions where things are calm enough to do so safely, they work wonders! Simply attach one end to a heavy piece of furniture, then wrap the other around something sturdy like your lawnmower or patio table.

Secure Your Basketball Goal

If you’ve got an outdoor basketball hoop for kids, make sure it’s secure against wind and weather with ratchet straps! Simply use them in place of traditional metal stakes to hold everything firmly in place without having to spend hours digging holes every time there’s bad weather. If necessary, use multiple sets of ratchet straps, so larger objects don’t shift during playtime. Attach one end tightly around whatever is holding up your goal (such as the pole), then pull until things are held securely in place before moving forward. Remember that when using any kind of strap outdoors, it’s essential to check the weather conditions first and ensure it’s safe to use!


A set of ratchet straps is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your garage – whether for personal or professional use! Use them to secure items before moving, transport large objects safely without worrying about tipping over, and more. If unwanted movement occurs while transporting things, attach a strap on either side, so everything stays firmly in place until where they’re needed. If a strong storm is coming, secure your outdoor furniture with ratchet straps to prevent them from being damaged or causing damage! Ratchet straps are versatile and the perfect tool everyone should have in their home or garage.