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6 Card Games To Consider Playing

The craze of card games has been going on for a long time. People have been playing their favorite card games in almost every culture. They have prevailed in numerous ways. Card games are usually undemanding and straightforward to play. Strangers sitting together and bonding over a game of cards for centuries now is surreal to see. Playing card games at a party have become a recent trend as it provides the best time to enjoy yourself with family and friends. 

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What’s So Special About Cards?

  • Portability: They are easy to carry everywhere, making them famous between sailors and soldiers also. 
  • Adaptability And Informality: There are no definite set of rules. You can edit the rules and change the game up from generation to generation. 
  • Speed: Depending on the game and the players, the speed of the game changes. Some games are short, and others with longer durations. 
  • Balance Of Chance And Skill: It maintains a balance between a skills-oriented game like chess and luck-oriented games like ones with dice. 
  • Ease And Enjoyment Of Conversation: It is a platform for easy and no-pressure conversation, even between strangers.
  • Element Of Mystery: There is always a mystery element on every next move, unlike board games where everyone can predict who will win. 


This American game comes with a betting factor. This game took off with the legalization of casinos in American land in the 1980s. You can play poker anywhere, at birthday parties, bachelor parties, family holidays, or pubs. All you require is a deck of cards and a dealer. This game fuels the competitive spirit of players irrespective of the stakes. Be careful while betting anything valuable. Some prefer to play it only for fun.


This trick game is usually with four people but can be played with three people also. The objective of the game is to score the lowest points. Most people play the game up to 100 points. After that, the first one to reach 100 points loses, and the one with minimum points wins. 


It was developed in the mid-1700s and codified in the late 1700s. It was initially a multiplayer game with each player taking turns and trying to win. The game’s goal is to create four stacks of cards in every available suit, from king to ace. Ace is equal to 1 in this game. 

Windows also launched this game on its computer. Along with solitaire, games like Freecell, spider, Klondike also became popular. 

Gin Rummy

It traces back its origin to the Chinese game mah-jong. The players in this game try to make melds or set either three same suited cards in order or three cards of the same number. This draw and discard game allows players to take a card from a discarded or undealt pile and get rid of one unwanted card from hand. When the player successfully makes sets and calls out. They gain points on the cards that other players have in their hands. 


You can enjoy this game with six players at a time. Every player is given nine cards at the start of the game. The first player to produce the lowest card possible or a three-card initiates the first round of the game. Next, every player would play a higher or at least equal value card above the discarded stack. The idea behind this game is to clear all your cards fastest. The player to get rid of their cards wins. 


Loved by men, this game is usually between two people. This game has two parts: 

  • Pegging (calculate your opponents and your cards till 31)
  • Counting (building runs, sets, and 15s of your cards) 

British soldiers codified this game. It remains popular even after the wars. 


The history of games of cards is very rich. It has been able to maintain its popularity among every generation. Anyone can play these games above- strangers, friends, and family. All you require is a deck of cards and players to play. Go ahead, get started! It’ll be a great time!