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Best Outdoor Games

It’s always rewarding to spend quality time outdoors and it’s even better if you are playing games with friends and family. In this post, we give you some ideas on fun outdoor games, some you have probably never heard of and some that are more common. So pick one to try with your family and enjoy the outdoors today.

Bottle Bash

This game tests your aiming skills. The player proves their aim by knocking an unbreakable bottle off its stand using a flying disk. Stick a post in the ground at a distance,
perch the bottle on top, make a note of the wind’s speed and direction, and shoot. The game comes in a mesh case making it easy to carry to your trips or picnics.

Ring Toss

This giant ring toss game consists of rings and dowels and is quite easy to set up. Each team
takes turns tossing the rings onto the dowel, the first team to score 15 points wins! The white-tipped dowels carry 1 point each, whereas the single red-tipped dowel carries a whopping 3

Kan-Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Want to sharpen up your disk-throwing skills? A few rounds of Kan-Jam will do the trick. This game is played with two flexible plastic cans with an opening at the top and a small slot at the front.
This four-player game requires the players to shoot the disk into the cans through the slotted front.  The team that scores 21 points first wins!

Capture the Flag Redux

Have you heard of the game capture the flag? Well, this game is exactly that, but with a cool addition, a glow-in-the-dark version. The game has green and blue colored orbs, which the players from the two teams have to hide. Both teams will choose a color, and the other team has to hide the orbs of the opposing team’s color in their territory. The other team has to cross into the enemy line to retrieve their colored orbs without getting tagged. This new superset allows for 20 players in a single game.

Spikeball Game Set

This outdoor lawn game is like volleyball but without the hassle of the setup. The game consists of a flexible hula hoop-sized net, foldable stands, and a ball set. The game fits nicely in
a small bag so that you can carry it anywhere, and it only takes a minute to set up. It is a two-on-two game where the players stand across each other and pass the ball to the other player by bouncing it off the net and sending it flying to your opponent. Each team has three chances to send the ball back over to the team. When a team misses, the other team
scores a point; the first team to score 21 points wins!

Giant Outdoor Dominoes

Sheldon Cooper once said, “the tinier the train, the more concentrated the fun,” but that is not the case with this classic game mostly played indoors. Dominoes is a game many have played,
but this giant version of dominoes breaks the location restrictions. So, get yourself a pack of these 6-inch long dominoes and start making winding patterns throughout your lawn.

Giant Jenga

Now that we are talking about giant versions of tiny games, we might also have another one on the list, giant Jenga. Who doesn’t love Jenga? The strategic placement of wooden blocks
ensures your survival and the failure of those who go next. Giant Jenga makes it easier for you and your players to enjoy the weather and play in the great outdoors. I mean, who would want to fumble over small finger-sized wooden blocks in a lawn when they can have
the bigger version.


There you go, seven lawn games to make your outdoor trip exciting. These games mentioned above are not restricted to any age, so if you plan a trip to the park with your kids,
make sure you get yourself one and make your trip a memorable one.