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Creative Uses Of Old Doors

There’s something about an old door that seems to beckon us. It might be the weathered wood or the rusty hinges, but whatever it is, there’s a certain charm about them that makes us want to take a closer look. And once you do take a closer look, you’ll find that there are all sorts of creative ways to use old doors. This article will give you some ideas for how you can bring new life to old doors!

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One of the most creative ways to use an old door is a headboard for your bed. You can make it into any size you need, and it adds an extra feel of home to your bedroom. To make this, take apart the door by unscrewing or sawing off all hinges, then sand down the door until it is free of splinters. Next, use a spray-on primer to protect the door from moisture and stains, followed by two coats of paint in your choice of color. After the paint dries, attach the top board to your bed frame or wall with wood screws or nails. Then, screw on any items you might want for decorations!

Picnic Table

Here’s another creative way to use an old door, making a picnic table! A picnic table is perfect for enjoying a meal outside on a beautiful day. Before starting, remove the door hinges and handle with a screwdriver. Cut the door in half from top to bottom, then saw off any pointy parts from the ends. Sand down the cut edges until they are smooth. The next step is to attach each end of the door to a short post. Then, cement the post into the ground. And voila, your picnic table is ready!

Chalkboard Door

A chalkboard door is another simple way to create a unique decor that is also a functional item. It is most effective on solid wood doors, but you can also use any other type of door. Sand down the entire surface of the front side of the door, then paint it with chalkboard paint and allow it to dry fully. Once it is completely dry, use chalk or an eraser to write or draw whatever you please!

Mirror Frame

The recessed panels on many old doors are ideal for incorporating a mirror. You may pick up an inexpensive full-length mirror at most home improvement stores like lowes or home depot. All you have to do now is score the mirror with a glass-cutting instrument and cut it to size. Remove any excess pieces by breaking them off along the score lines; be careful not to cut yourself! After sanding or scraping away the finish from the door, glue it in place using mastic.


Many doors are the size of bookcases, making them ideal for storing books! You can place shelves on the door for a fast and easy storage solution. Anchor the door firmly to the wall or install hardwood feet beneath the bottom shelf for optimum stability. Alternatively, you may build a full-fledged bookcase by adding the top, bottom, and side panels. Add a clip-on metal lamp to the top for added form and function.

Extra Storage

Many people already use the backside of their door for storing things like coats or hats. However, an old door is also great for creating extra storage anywhere! This works best on solid doors, and you can place it inside a closet, in a pantry to separate food items, or even outside for bikes and tools. Just add whatever size hooks you may need for whatever you want to hang up! Keep in mind that you may repaint or stain the back of your door if desired.


With so many repurposed old door ideas, one could spend all day finding new ways to use these beautiful doors. Whether it be for organization or simply adding decor to your house, many creative options are sure to please! If you have an old door lying around just waiting for a purpose, try checking out the list above before throwing it in the trash! You may find the inspiration to repurpose other items lying around your house into something useful too!