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Family Fun Filled Games

Games and food are the epitomai of bonding time. If your gatherings are running dry, then all you need are some fun games to break the ice and get the party rolling! So here are a few game ideas that you can use to zoom in on the fun with your families (and friends).

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When Card Games Ruled The Table

Remember the time when cards were a staple in every get-together?
Card games have always been competitive and fun-filled
way to spend time. The fun part is, the more, the merrier! So here are some card games for
you to enjoy!

The classic cards – There is no limit to games you can play with a deck of cards! From
solitaire to poker, from bluff to kemps, the list is endless, and so are the rules for each
game. If you want to learn them all, visit

Uno – Fun never ends when uno cards are rolling. Distribute seven cards amongst the
members. The remaining pile is kept face down and used to draw cards later. The top
card from the deck starts the discard pile. The player has to match the card (number or
color) with the discarded card from the preceding player. The power cards make the
game all the more enjoyable!

No Thanks – The idea is to have the least value when adding up the cards and
subtracting the counters. Take out nine cards from the pile and keep the rest in a pile facing down. Distribute the counters according to the players. Now start by drawing the
top card. You can either take up or deny by placing counters and saying no thanks. If
you run out of counters, you have to accept the card and the counters on it as a default.
In the end, add up the value, and the one with the least wins.

Classic Board Games To The Rescue

You can always count on these classic board games to save any gatherings! From ludo to
snake and ladder, they are a staple in everybody’s childhood. These are just perfect for a
gathering that is not too large. Sit together around the game and let your
childhood experience do the talking.

Monopoly – Many had their first exposure to buying and selling from this game. Buy,
sell,  and make players go bankrupt if you want to win the game!

Checkers – Like chess, but more straightforward as you deal with only one kind (or
probably two, if the other makes it to become king!). Ideal to be played with two people.

Ludo – An absolute favorite for families. Be it the humble four-player or the extravagant
ten player. The rules more or less remain the same. First, drive your tokens to home
after moving clockwise on the board. Then, chase after other tokens and make them go
back home. Move quickly before your token gets chased down.

Video Game Frenzy

Video games have become very popular. With no age limit for one to enjoy,
video games are a perfect fun activity for small groups. If you are not one who enjoys physical activity
video games are a great choice to enjoy at any time.

Popular Classic Video Games

Super Mario
Sonic Mania Plus

These classic games do not require the gaming skills of some of the games today, but they are engaging enough to make you go nuts over winning and losing.
Give them a try and experience how the gaming of today all began.

Childhood Games

Pass the hot potato – Pass the ball in the group, clockwise or at random, from one
corner to the other while the music plays along. When the music stops, the one with the ball

Charades – Divide into teams, and each person has to enact something dictated by the
other team. The members have to guess the enactment before the time runs out.
Specify the common helping words and signs to both the teams beforehand to avoid any

Musical chairs – Set one less chair to the number of players participating. Play the
music while players walk around the chairs. Once the music stops, scramble for
the seats. One left without the chair loses out.


These simple games are perfect for your family game night without discriminating between age groups. So
liven up the nights and toss the phone out.  When you have a family that laughs and plays
together your bonds will only grow.