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Frisbee Games for Kids

Do your children spend too much time inside? Are they dissatisfied with the same-old sports? Then, why not try your hand at Frisbee? Frisbee games for kids are thrilling, entertaining, and action-packed. Frisbee games are also a low-cost form of entertainment that can provide hours of enjoyment for the entire family. Another fantastic benefit of playing frisbee games with your kids is that they are good for their health.

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Frisbee games for kids will

• Enhance their stamina and speed
• Increase their endurance
• Boost their agility
• As they catch fast-moving frisbees, they improve their hand-eye coordination
• As they jump to grab the Frisbee and toss it large distances, they improve their strength

Best frisbee games in your home, park, campsite, or beach for you to play

Tossing the Frisbee

Kids pair up and choose the “top” or “bottom” of the Frisbee in this PE Games activity. Then, toss
the disc into the air like a coin. The player whose side is facing up must race to a preset area as
soon as it lands. Before they reach there, the other player must try to catch them.

Water Transport Competition

In this game from Youthwork Practice, fill the Frisbee with water and race to the finish line. But be
cautious! If you move too quickly, the water will spill.

Frisbee KanJam

You only need a few Frisbees and a few garbage cans or large boxes for this four-player game.
Players compete in two teams to toss their Frisbees into the opposite rubbish can. Other players
on your team can redirect the Frisbee into the can while still in the air. When you hit the can, you
get one point. When your team diverts the Frisbee into the can, you gain two points. Finally, you
receive three points when you pitch your Frisbee into the can or box without interference. The first
team with 20 points wins.

Hula Hoop Frisbee Toss

For this game, hang four hula hoops in a tree. Each player gets five attempts to throw the Frisbee
through a hoop, and they get a point for each successful toss.

Tag with a frisbee

Tag is a popular game among children. So why not throw in a Frisbee for good measure? For this
Perfect Party Games activity, divide the kids into two teams. The non- “It” team passes the Frisbee
to each other to keep it away from the “It” team. The teams switch roles after the “It” team catches
the disc. It’s a friendly game of keep-away.

Tic-tac-toe with a Frisbee

Take a large shower curtain and use tape to make a tic-tac-toe board. Then, take turns tossing
Frisbees of various colors onto the board. The first person to land three consecutive discs wins!
You can also play with others in a group.

Throwing a Shield

Do your kids have a thing for superheroes? With this idea from Three Dot Design Studio, you may
practice throwing Captain America’s shield. On a table, build a tower of cans. Then, each child
takes turns knocking the cans off the table three times.

Bowling with a Frisbee

It’s simple to play Junkyard Sports’ very simple game. As bowling pins, line up water bottles and
try to knock them down with the Frisbee.

Golf with a Frisbee

Set up a “golf course” around the yard with numbered baskets. Toss the Frisbee towards the
“hole” in turn. To land the disc within the basket, use as few throws as possible, just like in golf.
The player with the lowest score is declared the winner.

Bocce with a Frisbee

Players form a line for this classic camping game. The first person to roll a tennis ball is the winner.
Each player throws their Frisbee with the hopes of landing it on or near the ball. The person whose
Frisbee is closest to the ball receives one point; if their Frisbee lands on the ball, they receive two

H-O-R-S-E Frisbee

Instead of shooting hoops, play H-O-R-S-E with a Frisbee. The first player sets a task for the other
players, such as striking a target with a Frisbee. Everyone must try the challenge if they complete
it. Until you spell H-O-R-S-E, complete the challenge and receive a letter. Take turns challenging
each other.

Baseball with a Frisbee

In this game, you’ll trade your ball and bat for a Frisbee. Teams compete to score the most runs,
just like in regular baseball. “Batters” throw a disc and attempt to run all of the bases. The hitter
is out if a fielder catches the ball.

In conclusion, what is your favorite frisbee game?

Frisbee activities are among the most enjoyable hobbies for children.
Your kids may learn a lot from these games, from bowling to throwing to building towers.
Select the suitable ones for your age group and begin having fun right now!