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Fun Backyard Games For The Whole Family

It can be tough to find time to spend with your family in today’s busy world. But one great way to make sure you all get some quality time together is by playing backyard games. In addition to being a great way to spend time together, backyard games are also a good way for you and your children or grandchildren to exercise. Most sports require a lot of physical activity, so not everyone can play for extended periods. However, you can play outdoor games like badminton and horseshoes with little to no running, so you and your family members of various ages and abilities can get in on the fun. So get outside and have some fun! This article features a list of backyard games suitable for the whole family, their rules, and how to play them.

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Badminton is a great game for family members of all ages. All you need is a net with posts, two birdies, two rackets, and some friends or family members. The rules are simple, but it can take some practice to learn to play properly. The object of the game is to let the birdie soar into the air and volley it over the net, using only your racket. If you miss the birdie or hit it out of bounds, your opponent gets the point. To win, the first player or team who gets 11 points wins. Each game starts at one serve per player (so whoever won the previous point does not get another), and each side should only be allowed one bad serve, which means that if they hit the birdie into their own court, no point is awarded or if they hit the birdie out of bounds they lose their serve. The winner is the first person or team to win two out of three games.


Horseshoes is another family-friendly game that’s easy to learn but takes some skill to play well. All you need are horseshoes, a metal stake called a pole, and an open space of ground where there are no holes or obstructions (you may want to mark off the playing area with stakes). Each player gets two shoes each. Players take turns throwing their shoes at the stake in whatever order they choose. They get one point for being closest to the stake and three points for being directly on the pole. Whoever has the most points after nine rounds is declared the winner.


Kickball is a fun game for all ages. All you need are one or more kickballs, bases made out of whatever you have available (cones or pieces of chalk work well), and some friends or family to join in on the fun. The object of the game is very simple: everyone tries to score by kicking the ball and running around all four bases. When it’s your turn at bat, someone else pitches the ball to you. Then you kick it as far as you can before running around all four bases counter-clockwise back to home plate. If another player catches the ball after it’s kicked but before it touches the ground – either on its way down after being kicked or before it leaves play – they can return with it to home plate and tag the runner out. If you’re tagged before reaching a base, then you’re out. You get one point for making it to first base safely, two points for second, three points for third, and four points for hitting a home run (making it all the way around to home plate without getting caught). The team with the most points wins!


Cornhole is a classic American backyard game that’s an easy and fun way for the family to spend some time outdoors. All you need is a cornhole board (you can make your own or buy one), two bags per player, and something to mark off points (like chalk or paint on the board). Each player throws three bags per turn, trying to get them as close to the hole on their side of the board as they can. You get three points if you land it in; if it lands on the board but not in, you get one. The first person or team who gets 21 wins.


Croquet is another game that’s easy to learn but takes some skill to play well. All you need are sturdy mallets (croquet sets often come with two), six wooden balls, and a small wooden peg in the ground. To start, players take turns trying to hit their ball through each of the wickets on their side of the court toward the center one. Once they have made it into the center wicket, they can then try to get their ball into or as close as possible to the hoop at the end of their side of the court using only three more strokes. They win if they successfully make it through all six hoops without touching them.


In conclusion, there are several fun backyard games that you can play with the whole family. These games should be easy enough for everyone to learn quickly but challenging enough that more experienced players can enjoy them as well. So gather some friends or family members, check out these fun backyard games, and have a blast!