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How To Turn Old Jeans To Stylish Home Décor

Fast fashion has been receiving a bad rap and for a good reason. It’s the second-largest world polluter after oil, leading to devastating environmental impacts. While it’s easy to fall into the cycle of buying new clothes and disposing of old ones, there’s an eco-friendly and creative alternative: repurposing. This post will guide you through turning your old jeans into stylish and functional home décor. Not only is this a cost-effective method to revamp your space, but it also offers you an opportunity for creative satisfaction while contributing to environmental conservation.

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The Importance Of Material Quality

Stylish Home Décor

Before you start chopping up your old jeans, it’s essential to understand the quality of the material you’re working with. Denim is a durable and versatile fabric, but it can vary significantly in terms of texture and thickness. Some jeans are made from a heavy, robust denim that’s perfect for items needing sturdiness, like rugs or baskets. Others are made from softer, lighter denim, ideal for throw pillows or quilts.

To identify the quality of your jeans, inspect the fabric closely. Heavier denim is usually darker and rougher, while lighter denim is smoother and more flexible. Also, look for any signs of excessive wear or tear. While it’s fine to have a bit of distressed style, too much fraying may affect the lifespan of your décor item.

Necessary Tools And Preparations

Stylish Home Décor

Now that you’ve assessed your material, it’s time to gather your tools. Basic crafting items like scissors, a sewing machine (or a needle and thread for those who prefer to hand sew), measuring tape, and fabric glue should be on your list. For specific projects, you might also need items like cushion filling or corkboard.

Before you begin, set up a comfortable workspace where you can spread out your materials. Make sure it’s well-lit and has enough room for you to move around. Always keep a bin nearby for discarded fabric, and remember, safety first! Keep sharp tools out of children’s reach, and always be cautious when using them.

Creating Denim Throw Pillows

Stylish Home Décor

What better way to breathe life into your old jeans than transforming them into trendy throw pillows? Start by cutting out two square or rectangular pieces from your denim, depending on your desired pillow size. Remember, your cut-out should be slightly larger than the pillow, allowing for seam allowances.

Next, place the two denim pieces together, right sides facing in, and sew along the edges, leaving a small gap. Turn the pillowcase right side out through the gap, stuff it with filling, then stitch the opening shut. And voila! You’ve got yourself a chic denim throw pillow. Feel free to add flair with buttons, patches, or even parts of the jeans’ pockets.

Crafting Unique Denim Coasters

Stylish Home Décor

Denim coasters can be a unique conversation starter when you have guests over. Start by cutting your denim into squares or circles (your preference) about the size of a standard coaster, remembering to add a little extra for seams. You’ll need two pieces for each coaster.

Once you’ve cut out your pieces, place them with right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap. Turn the coaster right side out, iron flat, and then sew up the hole. You can also add a few stitches in the center to keep the pieces together better. Consider using different denim shades to create a patterned effect for added flair.

Denim Wall Organizer DIY

Stylish Home Décor

A denim wall organizer is a great way to add some rustic charm to your room while also creating extra storage space. Start by cutting out several pockets from your old jeans, keeping the back part attached to give it some depth. The size and number of pockets will depend on your needs and the size of your wall.

Cut a piece of denim (or another sturdy fabric) to act as the organizer’s backing, then arrange your pockets. Once you’re happy with your layout, sew the pockets onto the backing. Hang your organizer on the wall, and you will have a stylish and practical storage solution.

Fashioning A Denim Rug

Stylish Home Décor

A denim rug is an excellent project for those old jeans that are a bit too worn out for other items. Start by cutting your jeans into strips. The length and thickness of your strips will determine the size and texture of your rug. Next, decide on your rug’s shape. Oval and circular rugs are traditional and straightforward to create.

Start by coiling one strip into a tight spiral for the center, then continue adding more strips, sewing them together as you go. This project requires more sewing and time, but the result is a unique, durable, and stylish rug.

Creating A Denim Quilt

Stylish Home Décor

If you’re feeling more ambitious, a denim quilt can be a fantastic project. Start by cutting your denim into squares. The size of the squares will depend on your preferred quilt size. Aim to have an even number of squares for an attractive layout. After you’ve cut your squares, arrange them into your desired pattern. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your layout for reference.

Then, sew the squares together, row by row, until your quilt top is complete. Add a backing fabric, and then quilt the two layers together. This might seem like a complex project, but it’s a cozy and visually appealing way to repurpose your old jeans.

Making Denim Baskets

Stylish Home Décor

Denim baskets are not only practical storage solutions, but they also add a quirky touch to your home decor. Start by deciding the size of your basket and cut two circles from your denim for the base – one for the interior and one for the exterior. Then, cut two long rectangles for the basket sides, ensuring the length of the rectangles corresponds with the circumference of the base.

Place the rectangles with right sides together, and sew along the edges, leaving a gap at the top. Do the same with the circles for the base. Then, stitch the sides to the base, turn it right side out, and you’ve got a simple yet stylish denim basket. Customize it with handles, lining, or embellishments to fit your decor style.

Creating A Denim Bulletin Board

Stylish Home Décor

A denim bulletin board can add a rustic, tactile feel to your home office or kitchen. Begin by finding a piece of corkboard or stiff cardboard the size you want your bulletin board to be. Cut a piece of denim that’s larger than your board, leaving enough extra to wrap around the back.

Once you cut your denim, spread it out on your work surface and place the board in the center. Wrap the denim tightly around the board, securing it at the back with a strong adhesive or staples. Add a hanger on the back, and your denim bulletin board is ready to go. Consider adding pocket cut-outs or belt loops from your old jeans to hold markers, notes, or other small items.

Crafting Denim Pot Covers

Stylish Home Décor

Why not dress up your indoor plants with some stylish denim pot covers? Measure the height and circumference of your pot to determine the size of your cover. Cut out a circle for the base of your cover and a rectangle for the side, accounting for seam allowances.

Sew the side rectangle into a tube shape, then attach the base. Turn your cover right side out, and slip it over your plant pot. It’s that simple! Denim pot covers add a cozy, chic touch to your greenery, and they’re washable, making them practical as well.

DIY Denim Apron

Stylish Home Décor

Last but not least, a DIY denim apron is perfect for those who love cooking or gardening. Measure the length and width you’d like your apron to be, then cut out a rectangle from your jeans. Cut out a smaller rectangle for the pocket and two long strips for ties.

Attach the pocket to the front of your apron, and then sew the ties to the sides. For added comfort, you might want to create an adjustable neck strap from another strip of denim. In just a few steps, you’ve created a durable and stylish apron that can withstand even the messiest of tasks.

Start Turning Your Old Jeans Into Stylish Home Décor!

Through this journey of repurposing old jeans, you’ve discovered the exciting potential hidden in what seemed to be worn-out denim. From adding a chic touch to your homes with throw pillows, rugs, and baskets to creating functional items like aprons and bulletin boards, the possibilities are as vast as our creativity allows. Remember, every old pair of jeans saved from the landfill is a step towards a more sustainable world. So go ahead and let your creative spirit loose. Let’s turn that old denim into something new, unique, and utterly you.