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Ocean Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever stopped to think about the depths and mysteries of your oceans? If so, you know that they are nothing short of incredible. You won’t believe all of the secrets lurking beneath your waves. From seemingly endless creatures to a plethora of fascinating features, these immense seas hold some remarkable secrets — and now it’s time for you to uncover them! This article will deeply examine the facts surrounding your majestic ocean life. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Deepest Point Could Keep Mount Everest Underwater


What do the deepest point in the ocean and Mount Everest have in common? Apparently, a lot more than one might think. If you were to put all the water from the deepest point of the ocean, Challenger Deep, on top of Mount Everest, it would be completely covered!

Not only that, but scientists estimate that even after accounting for landmass displacement, we’d still have enough water left over to cover two other mountain-like features known as seamounts. Who knew these two seemingly disparate things were so closely related when it comes to geological proportions? It’s truly deeper than any of you could’ve ever imagined.

The Ocean Contains More Than 97% Of The Planet’s Water


Whether you consider it a blessing or a curse, there’s no denying that the ocean contains most of your planet’s water- 97%, to be exact. The implications of that statistic are vast and loom large in every corner of life on Earth. From helping protect against floods and shoreline erosion to offering immense recreational opportunities, abundant sources of food, and much more, the ocean is an ever-important influence on your life, whether you realize it or not. So maybe brush up on some seafaring knowledge on your next trip to the beach – those waves won’t crest themselves after all!

It Has A Massive Effect On Global Climate And Weather Patterns


The ocean can be considered the superhero of Earth’s climate – protecting you against some of the bigger global catastrophes. It can stabilize temperature, reduce drought intensity, and moderate extreme weather events.

The ocean is often your first line of defense against the chaotic effects that come with increased atmospheric concentrations. It acts as a giant storage device for carbon dioxide and other materials – helping you avoid an environmental disaster! So you owe it big time, not just thanking it periodically but taking steps to preserve its health in good times and bad!

Humans Have Explored Less Than 5% Of It


Humans are often the explorers of the planet – yet when it comes to the vastest and most unknown feature on Earth, the ocean, we’ve only just kicked off your investigative journey. Humans have explored less than 5% of the ocean, which is astounding when you think about it! 

You should all take time to appreciate this immense expanse and understand that there’s still so much to learn about! There are worlds deep below the surface that you know almost nothing about and so many exciting mysteries waiting to be unlocked.

The Ocean Is Home To Over 1 Million Species Of Marine Life


The ocean is a veritable Noah’s Ark, amassing an impressive collection of over 1 million species of marine life. With so many creatures to explore, it’s no wonder the ocean is one of the greatest natural attractions in the world. From the majestic whale to tiny plankton, from colorful corals to curious octopi–the ocean has something for everyone.

Scientists are still discovering hidden pockets of dazzling biodiversity beneath the waves, and its awe-inspiring secrets continue to be uncovered daily. So if you want an adventure with plenty of surprises, why not dive into the unknown depths of your planet’s largest habitat?

Plays A Crucial Role In Regulating Co2 Levels And Climate Change


As if the ocean wasn’t already essential enough to sustaining life on Earth, it turns out that it’s also an integral part of keeping your atmosphere clean and climate change in check. Our planet’s oceans essentially act like giant sponges, soaking up carbon dioxide from the air – according to some estimates, about a quarter of such emissions are absorbed by seawater – and helping to cool the surface temperature of your planet. Without this remarkable ability, you would have far more intense spikes in global temperatures, which would be catastrophic for humans and other forms of life. So hats off to the big blue for saving you from yourselves!

The Ocean Is Also The World’s Biggest Human Cemetery


With more than 40 million documented shipwrecks since recorded human history began, the ocean is a true testament to the many tales of human suffering and triumph. It’s been said that about half of this massive graveyard that lies beneath its waves contains remains of ships lost in battle, from the ancient Greek ships sunk off of Sicily by Roman war commander Pompey to British naval vessels gifted to the sea during World War II.

These stories are forever etched into the depths, now part of its permanent inhabitants. While it may sound spooky, it’s perhaps an opportunity to remember those taken before they could come back home. And yet somehow, despite this tragedy, those same waters still offer life-giving sustenance, breathtaking displays of beauty, countless lessons on life, and infinite hope for your future. Truly though perhaps not enchanting in the traditional sense – when you consider what lay underneath – its romance is unparalleled.

Humans Might Have Been Born From The Ocean


While not many of you are comfortable with the idea of returning to your aquatic origins, it turns out that humans might have been born from the ocean. After all, scientists believe that some 3.5 billion years ago, life began in the water, with single-celled organisms emerging on Earth and spawning the evolution of more complex forms of multicellular life. So, next time you take a bath or jump in the pool for a swim, remember — you’ve been home before! While your ambitions may have taken you away from sea level, evidence suggests that we’ve never really left its cradle.

The Ocean Is A Truly Amazing Place!

While it may seem like the ocean is endless and full of secrets, it’s just one of the many amazing things you have on your planet. From its ability to support life and regulate global temperatures to being a graveyard for ships, humans, and other species, the ocean is truly an incredible place.

With so much left to be discovered, it’s no wonder that most people are fascinated by what lies beneath its surface. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not head out and see just how amazing your world’s oceans truly are?