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Plants That Are Perfect For Your Backyard

Do you want to improve the appearance of your backyard without spending a lot of money? If so, then you should consider adding some plants to the space. Many plants are perfect for backyards, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Adding some unique plants can turn any backyard from bland into the envy of the neighborhood. This blog post will discuss some of the best plants for your backyard and provide you with some tips on how to care for them.

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Fountain Grass

One of the best plants to add to your backyard is fountain grass. This plant is perfect for those who want to add some height and dimension to their space. Fountain grass grows in a clumping form, which will not take over your entire yard. It also has a unique appearance with its long, slender leaves. Fountain grass is a great plant to use as a border or an accent in your backyard. If you are interested in growing fountain grass, you will be happy to know that the maintenance is effortless. This plant is tolerant of many soil types and can even tolerate some drought conditions. It is important to note that fountain grass is a warm-season plant that will disappear in winter. If you live in an area with cold winters, you will need to bring your fountain grass indoors or keep it in a pot not to freeze.


If you want to add a pop of color to your backyard, Lantana is the perfect plant! You can use Lantana in unique ways in your backyard. You can use it as a border plant, an accent plant, or a ground cover. Lantanas come in various colors, including pink, orange, yellow, and purple. Lantana is another easy-to-care-for plant that is perfect for busy gardeners. It is a very drought-tolerant plant and can even tolerate poor soil conditions. Lantana does best in full sun, but it can also tolerate partial shade. You should water your lantana plants deeply about once a week. If you deadhead your lantana plants, they will bloom all summer long! You can also prune them back in the fall to help them over winter.

Butterfly Bush

Butterflies can be a welcomed visitor to any garden, and what better way to attract them than to grow a butterfly bush. Butterfly bush is a deciduous shrub that comes in many colors, such as purple, pink, yellow, and white. They are easy to care for and low maintenance. Butterfly bushes can get quite large so make sure you have enough space in your garden for them to grow. When planting, make sure to plant them in an area that gets full sun. Water them when first planted. Once established, they are drought-tolerant. Butterfly bushes are also deer resistant which is a bonus if you live in an area where deer tend to roam


Peonies are one of the best plants to grow in your backyard. They are beautiful and fragrant, and they make excellent cut flowers. Peonies are easy to care for, and they will bloom for many years with proper care. To plant peonies, choose a sunny spot in your backyard with well-drained soil. Peonies prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil, so you may need to amend it before planting if your soil is very acidic. Peonies are not heavy feeders, so you don’t need to fertilize them heavily. A light application of a balanced fertilizer in the spring is all they need. Water your peonies regularly, especially when they are first getting established. They should get about an inch of water per week. If you live in an area with hot summers, you may need to water them more often. Peonies will bloom in late spring or early summer. The blooms only last a few weeks, but they are so beautiful that it is worth it! After the bloom fades, cut the stems back to about six inches. Next year, cutting the stems back will encourage your peonies to produce more flowers.


Marigolds are great for attracting bees and other pollinators. They are also known to be one of the best plants to grow in your backyard. They are easy to care for and require little maintenance. Marigolds bloom in various colors, including yellow, orange, and red. To plant marigolds, dig a hole that is twice the size of the pot the plant is residing in. Place the plant in the hole and fill it with soil. Water the plant well and place it in an area that gets full sun. Marigolds are annual and will bloom from spring to fall. To keep your marigolds blooming all season long, deadhead the flowers as they start to fade. It would help to fertilize your marigolds every few weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. With proper care, you will have beautiful blooms all season long!


If you want the perfect plant for adding borders to your backyard, barberry should be on your list! It multiplies fast and has a lot of color options to find the ideal match for your aesthetic. They’re also relatively low-maintenance; they don’t need a lot of watering or attention. To plant barberry, find an area of your backyard that gets full sun. They can tolerate partial shade, but they will grow best in an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Barberry is a hardy plant, but it’s essential to give it a good start by preparing the soil before planting. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, dig a hole that is twice the width of the plant’s root ball and just as deep. Add some compost or manure to the hole to help the plant grow. When watering your barberry, be sure to water at the base of the plant and not on the leaves. Watering at the bottom and not on the leaves will help prevent disease.


There are many different types of plants that you can grow in your backyard. These plants are great options, but be sure to do your research to find the perfect plants for your climate and soil type. By choosing the right plants, you can create a stunning, low-maintenance garden that will bloom all season long! You will have a beautiful backyard that you can enjoy for years to come with a bit of care!