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Road Trip Don’t Leave Home Without These Seven Items

Travelling is always fun, but it does not mean just taking your car for a long ride instantly. Especially when it comes to road trips, there are a lot of things to carry. Apart from deciding about the destination, you need to think about the best route to be taken, the road conditions and whether you’ll be able to drive a long-distance or not. And most importantly, your partner for the trip.

In today’s scenario, when the whole world is facing the challenges of the pandemic, it has become a matter of consideration. Carrying hand sanitizer and some face masks is mandatory. You should always make sure that the places you’re about to visit are free from infection and are likely to add fun to your trip. To be on the safer side, it is always better to carry food supplies and a good amount of water to prevent infection. There are some items that you should necessarily carry with you whenever you’re on wheels.

Some snacks and water: Food and water are the essential things to carry especially when there is a spread of coronavirus. You can’t trust packed food and water bottles. So carrying them ensures a reliable source at your fingertips. Water becomes essential because you need it the most, and you need it as a backup plan for your vehicle/car. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a few gallons of water and some snacks to be on the safer side.

A small medical kit: Road trips are always incomplete without a mini first aid kit that supplies some painkillers like Aspirin/Advil, some antacid tablets, and anti-allergic medicines like Benadryl. This mini drug store is a must in your toiletry bag when you’re packing for a road journey.

Battery and Phone: While you’re on the road, make sure that you have your cell phones in hand. They are very helpful in communicating during emergencies, making reservations, and confirming your bookings. Even with GPS, you’re able to navigate your route. So keep your cell phones fully charged and never forget to carry power banks if the battery gets discharged.

A blanket and a pillow: If you’re traveling alone, you need to halt at a rest house to catch a nap. Hence it is better to carry a travel pillow and blanket to get a nice sleep on a road trip.  In the case of two persons on the trip, this strategy will be a good exercise, where one driver can sleep, and the other can control the steering. Stopping at a rest house overnight could cost you more. Therefore, a cozy blanket and a pillow will be sufficient to bundle up yourself on the passenger’s seat.

Ice Bucket: Spring is the best season for road trips, but if you’re planning it during hot days, you need a good cooler to preserve your food items and beverages. A branded ice bucket will help keep your food in good condition for a long time.

AAA-Road Assistance: While you are on a road trip in the US, be a member of the American Automobile Association to escape running into any snare and for peace of mind. Ensure that you’re equipped with self-service car care items like a spare tire, engine oil, and windshield wipe fluid. An extra tire will save a lot of time and effort on the road, windshield wiper fluid will improve the visibility in case of a storm, and a good supply of engine oil will ease the strain of long road trips or prepare for a leak.

Some Emergency Numbers: You should note some emergency numbers in small books and diaries to enable easy access that your phone cannot do. You can also carry road maps to enjoy a side excursion. These paper maps are very helpful during unanticipated traffic slowdowns. Another safety tip that you should never overlook is carrying a printed copy of the trip plan. Such a document will make your addresses, plan, and other logistics easy to access. It will also help send emails to a trusted friend or neighbors and know your whereabouts while traveling.

Sanitizer, wipes, and lotions: For utmost safety, especially during Covid-19, hand sanitizer, wipes, and zipper bag-like items will help you keep safe and clean on the trip. Sunscreen lotions will help keep your skin protected after long hours of drive in the sun. Moreover, for safe hands-free driving, a  Bluetooth device will help you attend phone calls and communicate with people. Therefore, a few grab-and-go items will make your road trip more comfortable and easy. Carrying some Ziploc bags will help dump your waste. So never forget to pack these while preparing for a road trip. These gallon-sized bags are strong and one of the best essentials you need.

Conclusion:  If you’re a travel enthusiast and want to explore places on the road, don’t forget to pack items that make your road trip a wonderful experience. Prepare a list of items when you’re packing. Keep them in your bag one by one, and make sure to review the items before you start. Get your car inspected/serviced at a repair company. Regulate your membership at the AAA for road assistance. To stay connected, carry cell phones with power banks. A sufficient supply of food items, water, along with an ice bucket, is beneficial. Never leave your home without sunscreen lotions, wipes, and a medical kit. It is mandatory to carry hand sanitizer and face masks as a protective measure against infectious diseases like coronavirus.