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Things You Can Do With Old Sponges

Most people think of sponges as something you use to clean your dishes or bathtub with. But what do you do with an old sponge when you can no longer use it for its original purpose? Instead of throwing them out, it’s the perfect time to get creative! This article will show you some things you can do with your old sponges besides just putting them in the trash.

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Use Them To Wash Your Car

Old sponges are the perfect tool to use to wash your car. They are abrasive enough to remove stubborn dirt but gentle enough not to scratch any car’s surfaces. Plus, you’re reusing something that you would have otherwise thrown out! Just fill up a bucket with warm water and liquid soap. Then take an old sponge and put it into the bucket to soak up some of the liquid. After that, scrub away any stains or marks on your car until they come off. For difficult parts of the car, like crevices around door handles or grills, cut your sponge into smaller pieces so you can reach those hard-to-reach areas more easily.

Use Them As Ice Cubes To Keep Food Cold

Picnics and parties are always more fun when they involve cold food instead of hot and soggy food! All you need to do is take a sponge and put in some water so that it’s completely soaked. Then, wrap the sponge up in some cling film or a plastic bag and freeze it until it becomes an ice cube. Finally, cut off one corner of the bag so that the frozen sponge can act like an ice cube when placed inside your cooler box. This will keep your food cold throughout your picnic or party without using any expensive cooling devices.

Use Them To Paint With

Have you ever had to paint something but didn’t have any paintbrushes? Well, old sponges are the perfect solution! You can use them in place of brushes because they have similar shapes. Plus, you’re reusing something that you would have otherwise thrown out, so it’s an environmentally-friendly choice as well! All you need to do is cut your sponge into the shape of a triangle for broad strokes or a circle for more detailed work. Then get ready with your favorite paints and let the creativity begin!

Use Them To Scrub Hard-To-Reach Spots In Your Bathroom

Often, certain spots in your bathroom are difficult to reach. Places like behind the showerhead or around the faucet can be hard to clean! Rather than reaching your hand behind those spots to scrub them clean, use an old sponge so that it’s easier on your skin. Just swirl the sponge against these hard-to-reach places until they become clean again! 

Use Them As A Soap Dish

You can also use old sponges to hold soap by the sink in your bathroom. All you need to do is cut off one end of the sponge so that it fits against the wall next to your faucet. Then, put some soap on top of the sponge and let it sit there until you’re ready for a wash! This saves space around the sink because you don’t have to use a traditional soap dish or tray, which can take up valuable countertop areas in small bathrooms!

Use Them To Clean Up Oil Leaks

If you have a car, oil changes are inevitable. Getting the old oil out of the engine can be difficult and messy, but not with an old sponge to help you! You can use sponges to soak up the leftover oil after changing your car’s oil filter, making the cleanup process much easier. Just take a sponge and put it around the bottom of the draining bucket so that all the extra oil will get absorbed by the sponge instead of staining your garage floor or driveway.



Old sponges have several alternative purposes besides cleaning tools to scrub your dishes and kitchen counters. From painting with them to using them as ice cubes, there are many ways that you can reuse this common household item so that nothing goes to waste!