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Tips To Help You Rock Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are just simply great. They offer the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and spend quality time with your friends or family while catching up on some much-needed relaxation. But road trips can be stressful too – especially when you’re not prepared for them! This article is a list of must-haves for any future journey to help you rock your next road trip.

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Portable Phone Chargers

For those who don’t know, a portable phone charger is just as it sounds: a device that charges your smartphone on the go. These chargers often come with multiple USB ports and can usually give your devices at least one full charge before needing to be plugged in again. Portables phone chargers come in all shapes and sizes, from ones that can fit into your wallet to those that offer massive amounts of power. Make sure you choose the right one for you! Ensure you have these for every member of your party, and you can rest assured you’ll never be without a functioning GPS or map.


This is an obvious one, we all need money! But did you know that it’s not just physical cash you should pack? You should also ensure that you have your credit cards on hand. Although these will take longer to access, they are very convenient if you need to book some accommodation or purchase last-minute snacks. Credit cards are accepted almost worldwide, unlike cash. Also, make sure you have enough to cover any toll roads, parking fees, and gas costs.

Printed Maps

For some reason, today’s society just doesn’t have the same love affair with printed maps that previous generations had. However, I’m here to tell you that printed maps are an absolute must if you want any chance of finding your way around! There is nothing more stressful than a lack of directions when you’re on a road trip. Make sure that, at the very least, you have some printed maps in the car for an emergency. Although you have maps on your phone, be aware that the battery will drain more quickly, so you may need some printed maps on hand just in case.


If you’ve ever driven through a desert or tropical climate, then I’m sure you’ll agree that sunglasses are necessary to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays! Although it’s only for a brief period, there is nothing worse than being caught in bright sunlight. Not only does this cause fatigue, but it can also cause a headache and blurred vision if you’re out of the shade for too long. Get yourself a cheap pair that matches the clothes you have packed!

First-Aid Kit

Having a well-stocked first-aid kit in your car is a great idea no matter what journey you’re going on. You will never know when you or one of your passengers will get hurt, so it’s always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario. There are many different types available, but I suggest you go for a “ready-made” kit that contains most, if not all, of what you need. First-aid kits are not just for cuts and bruises, but they’re also good to have on hand if you’re stuck somewhere with severe weather or wild animals.

Bottled Water

Although it may seem strange, you should always keep a supply of bottled water in your car. In addition to the health benefits this provides, you can also use bottled water to help put out any small fires that might occur during a breakdown or accident. Always make sure you have at least two bottles on hand with some extra for refilling. Water is also great for cleaning up small wounds and can be used as an emergency toilet if you should break down.


There is nothing worse than the feeling of hunger when you’re on a road trip. A good snack can also help boost energy levels and keep everyone in high spirits. If you stock up enough, not only will it get you through any quick stops, but it could even get you to your final destination! Although this may be difficult for some people with allergies, it is always a good idea to have food on hand. Snack on some jerky, dried fruit, or even salted peanuts. You can never be too prepared!

Games & Puzzles

Keeping your passengers entertained can be quite a challenge at times. If you have young children in the back seat, this might become even harder if they are tired or bored. A great idea is to keep some games or puzzles that everyone can play with. This way, not only will it help pass the time, but it’s also a chance for everyone to get involved! You can also use puzzles if you break down to keep the children occupied. You can even download games for your phone!

Tissues & Wet Wipes

It’s not just humans that need the occasional tissue! I know it may sound silly, but you should pack a supply of tissues in your car for any kind of messes. Spills are bound to happen at some point so instead of being caught short, have some tissues on hand. Another great idea is wet wipes, which are essential for any sticky fingers or dirty faces! If you’re taking little ones on a long trip, then this should be part of your first-aid kit.


Organizing a road trip can be very difficult, but these simple tips will surely help you out! Remember that preparation is key, so always remember to take the essentials with you! Whether you’re driving across the country or even just off to see your local relatives, these tools should help make your journey as successful as possible.