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Unique Ways To Use Paracord

Although people initially used paracord for parachuting and military purposes, preppers and survivalists have since embraced it due to its usefulness for a wide variety of purposes. Paracord offers numerous advantages when compared to standard rope, with the most important being that it provides seven inner strands in addition to the outer sheath. This article will discuss unique ways to use paracord and why you should get some yourself!

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Using a paracord as a tourniquet is one of the best things you can do if someone gets injured or cut and needs to be stopped from bleeding out immediately. Standard rope will not provide even pressure along the entire length of whatever limb is affected and may quickly come undone. Tying a single loop anywhere on the limb and then cinching it down with another piece of cord ensures constant pressure that won’t slip. Often check for a pulse below it and re-tighten as necessary. Never leave such an improvised tourniquet in place for longer than needed in an emergency.


If you are an avid camper, hiker, fisherman, or hunter, paracord is probably invaluable to your lifestyle. However, there are several ways to use paracord that doesn’t require engaging in these activities. One easy way to do this is by tying a paracord around your neck and wearing it as a lanyard for your keys! You can even get creative with paracord lanyards and add a side-release buckle to the paracord, so you can detach your keys from it if you want. Or, you just use a simple slip knot to attach your keys to it.

Tie Down Some Tools

Paracord is extremely durable and will hold up against most outdoor elements. Another great way to use paracord is by using it as a tie-down for some camping tools! This is an excellent idea whether you use it to hold together your camp stove or tie down your tent. You could even create some cool paracord survival bracelets out of any extra paracord you have lying around!

Lace-Up Your Boots

Another great idea that anyone can do is lace up your boots with paracord! Although it may not sound like much, this can come in very handy. If you ever need to rappel down a cliff or are caught in an emergency situation where you need to tie something together quickly, then having some bootlaces tied with paracord could save the day! You could even use this for other types of shoes, if nothing else, so at least you have some extra cordage on hand just in case.

Shelter Building

If you’re ever lost outdoors and need to construct a temporary shelter, then paracord can come in handy! You can tie poles together using paracord and place them into the ground for quick and easy shelter construction. This is also useful if you’re looking to build some type of makeshift hammock. Paracord offers more than enough strength to support even large individuals, so this will be strong enough for your needs!

Jump Rope

One fun way you can use paracord is by creating a jump rope! You can create all types of different styles and designs with paracord to make it unique. It’s also a fun project for kids and will keep them entertained for hours! If there are large groups of kids, you could split them up into teams and compete against each other to see who has the best design. 

Leash For Your Pet

One more thing that everyone can do is use a paracord as a leash for their pet. This would work best if you have a large dog breed such as a German Shepard or Lab because it could handle the added weight and stress of walking around. You could also use it in place of the actual collar if you didn’t want to spend extra money on buying one. But, make sure that your dog is comfortable wearing this type of leash!

Plant Holder

A creative use for paracord that everyone can enjoy is creating a plant holder! This is really easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes once you have everything ready. All you need to do is tie your paracord onto the rim of any pot or saucer while leaving enough slack in the cordage so that it forms an “X” on top of the pot. Then, simply slip your potted plant through the “X,” making sure to go over each portion of the cord until it holds the plant tight to the bottom of your container.


Although paracord is primarily seen as only a survivalist tool, there are countless ways that everyone can enjoy using it. It’s highly durable and versatile, making it one of the most practical materials to own around the house! You can pick some up at an army surplus or outdoor store and always have some cordage on hand for whatever you may need it. Even though this list only includes a few, there are hundreds of different uses for paracord, so hopefully, this will get your wheels turning and give you some ideas!