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Ways To Recycle An Old Tire

Recycling is a hot topic these days, and for a good reason. There are many different ways that we can recycle materials to help the environment and reduce pollution. One way that people often overlook is recycling an old tire into something functional or beautiful! This article will show you creative ways to recycle an old tire, so grab one from your garage and let’s get started!

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Dog Bed

A tire can easily be turned into a dog bed that will give your pup the ultimate comfort. To make this super easy, you just need to cut an old tire down so it’s flat on one side and then turn it, so the flat surface is facing up. You may want to place some foam padding or another soft material inside for extra cushioning before filling with stuffing or leaves/grass clippings from outside if desired! It doesn’t get much easier than this!


Many people love the idea of a tire dog bed, but not everyone has a pet to use it for. Fortunately, you can also turn old tires into unique chairs! It’s as easy as flipping over an old tire and then cutting through from side to side several inches above where the rim begins with your jigsaw or another saw. Once cut down the middle, flip back over so that half of it is facing up on each side. Fill those openings with cushioning foam padding before stitching together with thick fabric scraps around all four edges- voila! Now just add some cushioned armrests, and this will be one comfy chair in no time at all.

Tire Planters

Love plants? How about planters made out of an old tire? It’s super easy! Just flip over the tire and cut down one side with your saw before cutting across to make a flat surface. Then, just add in drainage holes at each corner of your newly made rectangle, so it is ready for planting! Fill with potting soil, or even better- use outdoor dirt around some large plants or small bushes instead if desired. You can also spray paint them all sorts of fun colors to match any décor.

Garden Bed

If you’re not much into flowers but love vegetables, why not try making a garden bed out of tires that will produce tons of veggies every year without fail? All you need are two parallel stacked tires per row, then fill between them up about 12 inches high with garden soil or manure before planting your seeds. You can also plant some attractive flowers like daisies on top of the tires to make them look even more appealing!

Tire Snowman

It may be summertime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with snowmen! If there’s no snow outside where you live, just grab an old tire and turn it into a wintry friend instead of using this simple tutorial. This is great for kids because they’ll love making their unique creations while getting exercise at the same time- win/win! All you need are three small stones as eyes two large rocks for arms, then simply stack them all together in order from largest to smallest before stuffing inside with scraps of fabric, grass clippings, leaves, or whatever else you have on hand.

Swing Set

Kids will love a tire swing set- just be sure to place it in an area of your yard that can handle the weight! You can either keep this one simple with only two tires stacked inside each other for extra stability at both ends before tying some rope around them so kids can grip tightly while swinging back and forth. Or if you want something more elaborate, try making swings out of old metal springs instead then stacking up several tires throughout as well to make it even sturdier! Are you topped off by adding cushions into the mix too? Now that’s what I call fun!

Old Tire Boat Flotation Device

Need a little floatation device to keep in your pool? An old tire is a perfect choice! Just cut it down the middle and then punch several holes all over one side before placing it inside your pool or lake for hours of fun. You can also try painting on designs, adding some rope handles around the sides for gripping onto while climbing aboard, too, if desired. For even more stability, add a support ring between both halves with wood beams- now you’re ready to go!


A tire can make a great spot for relaxing- especially if it’s turned into a hammock! All you need are two parallel stacked tires with another one cut down the middle and tied between them before hanging up on some sturdy tree branches. If you don’t have any trees available, try attaching your new creation to ceiling beams inside or even suspending from walls, too, instead. Then, add an old sheet as fabric lining after cutting out holes where arms go through so that whoever is sitting inside can still relax comfortably without slipping away.

Tire Tic Tac Toe Game

Are you ready for some fun? Then try making a Tire Tic Tac Toe game! All you need are three tires stacked up in the middle to make your grid than just take nails and hammer them through each one until they’re all firmly placed. When finished, flip over the top two so that only the center ones remain visible- this is where players get to toss their bean bags inside instead of straight into the dirt.


In conclusion, there are so many different ways to recycle an old tire that you’re sure to find something perfect for any situation. Whether indoors or out, these tried and true ideas will keep your children entertained all summer long! While also making great use of what would otherwise become junk afterward!