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Weird Ways To Have Fun

We all know how boredom can be a mood crusher, but sometimes it is almost inevitable, the way it was during the pandemic situation. But even in normal conditions, too much free time or too little free time ultimately leads to boredom. It adversely hampers our lives, which is where your hobbies, interests, and other fun activities come into the picture. One should always be interested in other things outside their routine to strike the perfect work-life balance.

Ideally, you can have fun in anything and everything you do, as far as you’re enjoying it. But if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box ways of having fun, you are in the right place!

First of all, why should you have fun?

We fail to realize that having fun, exploring, and developing hobbies play an immense value in our lives. Having fun is as important as exercising. One can’t be working or not working all the time. As humans, we all need to do something different from the daily routine that makes us happy and boosts the happy hormones within the body. Doing so will not just help us unwind but will also improve our productivity levels. If you don’t give your mind a sense of satisfaction of having fun and enjoying yourself, you will probably experience burnout earlier than usual.

Here are some weird ways to have fun:

Visit a local park

A local park is the best place for people-watching and can be quite an interesting activity in your free time, particularly if you are a highly sociable person. You can engage with newer people belonging to all age groups and learn about them. Doing so will refresh your mind as you are open to new people, new conversations, and news stories. Even if you are not a very sociable person, you can simply watch people and their behaviors, which will help you understand the differences that exist within a cross-section of society. Apart from that, local parks can also bring memories of your childhood that you may have forgotten, giving you a chance to remember the small pleasures of life.

Play video games

Irrespective of what is your age, you are most likely to enjoy playing video games. Gather some friends at home, get some snacks and bring your gaming collection to use again. As weird as it may sound, sometimes the competitive behavior while playing video games with your buddies can prove to be an entertaining activity. It also helps your brain get sharper and more responsive, but that’s not the point here. The point is to have fun and forget about all other worries. Only when you do it will you understand how much you missed playing video games. You can also make it a weekend tradition with your group of friends to take a break from all the daily hustle.

Host a board game party

Board games are quite underrated as many people assume it’s just for kids. But, there is nothing better than relishing the good old times when board games were the real deal. There are also some adult board games such as Dice and Spice, Friends Exposed, and the list goes on. This will also give you a chance to bond with your friends and have a good time without spending a lot of money. You can also host a board game party with your family and relatives. Get all the children and their parents together under one roof, and have fun playing family board games like Monopoly, Hasbro Clue, Spot it, and so on. To make things more fun, you can also announce some prizes.

Plan a spontaneous road trip

Spontaneity can be an excellent element in having fun, mainly because of the unplanned and random decision-making part. It may seem weird for those who always take trips with a checklist in hand, but an impromptu trip will certainly give you an experience worth remembering and stories worth telling for the rest of your life. Just call up your travel buddies, stock whatever food you may have at home, and leave for your favorite picnic spot. If you and your friends are adventurous enough, you may also head on to a place you’ve never been before or simply let the roads take you where it wants to. Again, make sure you consider all the safety aspects in doing so.

Catch a lovely sunset

As cliché and weird as it may sound, there is nothing more special than watching a warm sunset with the people you love. Simply pick them up from their home, and drive to your favorite sunset spot. It may be a beach, a hilltop, or even a building terrace, for that matter. To make the experience all the more special, grab some dessert or something to sip and call it a date. This will make you forget about everything else and enjoy the moment with your special person. Light munching, warm sunset, and conversations are magical combinations and will certainly make you want to do it more often. You may also do the same alone while listening to your playlist and simply enjoying where you are.

Apart from that, you may also consider the following:

• Try making some new cocktails
• Plan an indoor picnic
• Try your hand at hosting an international dinner party
• Plant new seedlings in the neighborhood
• Have a karaoke night
• Practice calligraphy and frame some quotes
• Get innovative and create your own board game
• Learn a new skill like yoga


Well, these are some of the best ways to have fun on a free day. Make sure that you prioritize having fun just as much as you prioritize working. Doing this will help you achieve a stable work-life balance and an overall peaceful state of mind, which is more important than anything else