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What You Should Never Do With A Lighter

Lighters are a great invention. They allow us to create fire when we need it, and we can use them in our everyday lives for all sorts of purposes. However, there is always the risk that someone will misuse them and cause themselves injury or worse. This article will explore some of the things you should never do with a lighter.

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Allow Children To Have Them

Many kids often see lighters as toys. There is an element of fun to them, and children appreciate using fire to create things. However, if a child is playing with a lighter, it will cause injury or property damage to increase exponentially. Even if you have taught your children about some of the dangers of lighters, they might not always apply those lessons when they are using a lighter by themselves.

Start A Fire In A Dry Area

If you are using a lighter to start a fire, you should never do this in a dry area. If something goes wrong and your fire gets out of control, the dry plants and trees will help it spread very quickly. This can often lead to property damage or create a fire too large to put out. If there are people nearby, it could also cause serious injuries.

Using A Lighter Near Gasoline

This one is pretty obvious because everyone knows that gasoline and fire are not a good combination. However, most people don’t know the specifics about what would happen if you were to use a lighter near gasoline. If you light a gasoline container on fire, it will explode the same way a bomb would. So even with something as small as using your lighter around gas can go wrong quickly and have serious consequences.

Using A Broken Lighter

Just as it is important to use a lighter safely, it is also important to make sure you don’t use a lighter that isn’t working. Many people might not think about this, but if a lighter’s flint or wick are broken, it could cause them problems. If the piece doesn’t strike the same way as a normal lighter would, then there is a chance that gas will escape from it and build up near where you are lighting a cigarette or fire starter. This can lead to an explosion which can cause injuries to those nearby.

Lighters Can Be Lethal

Even if you don’t intend to use a lighter to start a fire with something flammable, there is still the risk that the lighter may explode and cause injury. Most lighters work by creating an electrical arc between two points. This arc produces intense heat, which can create a flame. However, the lighter won’t safely contain this flame, which means that it can cause problems if it gets too close to your skin or clothing, for instance. Anyone who uses a lighter should treat them with care and respect at all times so as not to become injured by one of these devices. You should never allow yourself to get distracted when using one, and make sure that you handle them carefully so that you don’t burn yourself.


As you can see, there are many dangerous things that you should never do with a lighter. Knowing what is safe and unsafe will help you stay out of trouble when it comes to these devices! You should always be careful when using these devices to avoid serious injury or even death in some cases.