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Why Golfing is One of the Most Popular Sports

The amount of rounds of golf in the 2021 season has skyrocketed in many areas. One possible reason could be that people are seeking new ways to get out of the house and have fun.
Some people, who don’t play the game, may not understand its popularity. For some, however,  the sport of golf can become highly addictive.

It can get so addictive to an extent where players only do three things: sleep,
eat, and play golf. But why is it so popular? There are various reasons which can be responsible for its popularity.

You can golf at any stage of life.

Golf is the only outdoor game that players of any age can play. You can often see young kids
out on the golf course or at the driving range. The biggest example is Tiger Woods, which started
very early.  Parents who play this game often want their children to know how to play it
by making them start early. On the other hand, you can also see quite a few senior players who
play this game as a great way to pass the time after retirement.  There are many outdoor sports, but few have such a large range of age groups playing.

It is pandemic-free

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is to maintain distance from people. According to a few studies, the rounds played in 2021 have increased by 20%.

People have realized that being outdoors is very important, liberating, and crucial for mental
health. Golf can be the ideal sport in times like these, as it does not require close personal contact and is played outside in fresh air.

You play golf outdoors.

In football, you only have a limited amount of land with bleachers all around it, and the same goes
for baseball. But if we look at the golf courses, they are situated in the middle of a park with
perfectly mowed green grass and plenty of space to breathe fresh air.

Anybody can play


People of all ages, sizes, gender, and skill levels can play this game. It can be a great day out
for people who want to do business or just enjoy time with friends. Golf is a sport you can play with the entire family, unlike other tough sports like basketball or football, which can be tricky to
play against your younger kids or the elderly. It is great for your mental health. Amidst the pandemic, we are all looking for things to do while social distancing. Improving mental health is not an easy job. Golf is a sport that can help you improve your mental health as it
lessens anxiety and fades depression.


Golf is increasing in popularity for so many reasons, some of them being, you can play it and
have fun while maintaining perfect distance. The reasons are very convincing. So, if you haven’t
played golf and are still wondering why people are so obsessed with it, it is the time wherein you
go and try the sport yourself.